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Who are

We are a group of friends, mates and colleagues, which clubs up to create something extraordinary and unique that we can be proud of, boast of and, importantly, get a decent fee to this.

Couple of designers, a line manager, a barman, a marketer, a copywriter, two programmers, a journalist (one programmer’s wife), an artist and a creative director – this is a portrait of our collective team, although not all members are listed. Everyone of us has a job and it is far from the worst one. Everyone is successful in his own way. But we cannot sit still so we have created our NLK.Agency project, where people, that make unique products at night, create them in the daytime, but using other labels.

What do
we do






There is no good site with bad brand.

There is no good brand with bad design.

There is no good design with bad creative.

There is no good creative lack of positive.

We. Create. A positive.

How do
we do that

You tell us what you need. We take a break to decide if it is engrossing and fascinating for us to work with and to define how qualitatively and interesting we can realize your needs and wishes. If it is, we do some examples of your tasks (pro bono) and if you are satisfied of our vision, only then we proceed to the financial contractual relationship.

We will start to work for you before we are connected by financial commitment. And different stages in any work as step-by-step payments of it, give you an opportunity for confidence not only in the end result, also in the quality of the carried out intermediate components of the project.

What is
already done

As Darth Vader said: “We have not captured the whole universe yet, but there is some certain progress”. Due to the circumstances, we cannot do all at once, a lot for tomorrow. We, actually, don’t want to.

In the list of “PROJECTS” with a mark of readiness you see what we have already done and what now within the framework of the NLK.agency active is.


How much
is it

This is probably the most sensitive question. Bad websites can be expensive, but good one cannot be cheap. There are a lot of factors that affects on the cost of our work, that’s why we have no standard rate scale. We will be able to voice you the price order after we understand what you need and after we come up with the implementation of that.

…we have told you about ourselves in a few words, now you know something about us. We have also a separate request for you – do not suggest us uninteresting projects, as not everything is only about money…

Let's try?

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